Pattern 500 Serenade TUTU

4 layers of gathered tulle skirts attached to a spandex
pantie on a corded, low basque.

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Coloured Serenade TUTU Drawing

Pattern 400 EuroBell TUTU

6 layers of gathered skirts attached to a pantie on
a high basque. Make with Tulle or Crinoline.

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Coloured EuroBell TUTU Drawing

Pattern 300 Princess TUTU

4 layers of gathered tulle skirts starting at the waist.
Attached to an under basque with spandex pantie.

Not compatable with Style 140 Russian

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Coloured Princess TUTU Drawing
coloured pancake TUTU drawing

Pattern 200 Pancake TUTU

12 layers of gathered crinoline skirts (*9 continuous,
3 seat) attached to a shaped pantie with a
corded basque. Includes optional leg ruffles & hoop.
* number of skirt layers adjusted for youth sizes.

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TUTU Patterns
Professionally Drafted Sewing Patterns for Dance

Coloured Serenade TUTU Drawing Coloured EuroBell TUTU Drawing Coloured Princess TUTU Drawing coloured pancake TUTU drawing